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Scars by AnaDasilva Scars :iconanadasilva:AnaDasilva 7 5
Separate Ways
I know we’ve strayed our separate ways
How long will become the days?
They’re thought provoked, and washed up dreams
Away I float upward these streams
In awe you stare with an emotion drawn face
My thoughts corrupt and very haste
I know you’re lost, with a broken muse
I gave signals that were sure to confuse
But aside from all those stellar remarks
Lies things unseen in the depths of my heart
:iconanadasilva:AnaDasilva 0 0
Floating Away
I’m floating on a cloud I call life
It’s taking me up to a partner called height
I’m drifting through a movie scene
That’s filled with psychedelic things
Inside this film lies a secret word
Holding on to many thoughts not heard
Swirling in shades of blue
Intertwined with whites and no one knew
Weights on my feet drag me down
To an unknown utopia of silent sound
Racing mind, oh you hold so much
Eyes of tears, my face you clutch
Floating in these pain soaked waves
Inhaling the salt my taste buds crave
Taken down by my own thoughts
A war stirring, but I already fought
:iconanadasilva:AnaDasilva 2 2
Who knew?
What was I doing wrong?
Why did I try so long?
When did things start to change?
How did everything get rearranged?
Where were you all this time?
Who helped me to be fine?
I’ve lost a few pain soaked tears
Let them fall throughout the years
They’ve shown all of my greatest fears
But somehow I manage to stay here
The urge to fight a willing soul
Is this something you didn’t know?
Stand your ground, if you’re strong enough
Is it too late to say, I won’t bluff?
Can you even feel the slightest ache?
Was my world the only one to shake?
Did you burn through a heated core?
Nothing ever hurt like this before
Broken hearts lie in two
Sadly you didn’t have a clue
Two lives apart, who would’ve knew
My only hope was you
:iconanadasilva:AnaDasilva 2 2
A blade lets loose across fresh skin
Cutting is my secret sin
Flowing tears stream down my face
There's a make shift heart in a once empty space
It was torn to pieces, but sewn back up
With a needle drawing blood, to add a final touch
:iconanadasilva:AnaDasilva 2 1
Black Art
Sunhine swallows me, pulling me into its grasps
Unravelling droplets of cinnamon rain
Looking up into an unknown light
Images lingering on sprits of ocean waves to sandy grounds
Wallowing in love with just a hint of lust
Lassos of will tie me up
Plucking determination off one by one
Drawn from the depths of hallowed black I am enlightned
For once feeling the life that was always hidden amongst newspaper schemes
The darkness englofed me for far too long, but the tidal wave of ashes saved me
I was a broken mirror with a shattered reflection standing on an envy washed foundation
Longing for the scent of the cinnamon rain to sprinkle me in browns
Awaiting for the lavander skies to waken whats left of my still beating heart
To retrieve the burning canvas by its untouched black art
:iconanadasilva:AnaDasilva 2 1



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every word. Recognize
every detail. Remember
every lie. Take        
all the pain. Hide it.
Stow it. Put it away
and say you're fine.
Around every corner
is a girl with a broken
every smile, and
brighten eyes are
tears that you can't
let out. Fear that you
can't show.
time stands still, but
her mind hurdles. No
one knows.  
and shapes blur
together, creating
the illusion that she
was always fine.


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